June Meeting


The following report was written by Maureen Mendelowitz, one of our Waverley Writers’ Committee members, who attended this exciting seminar in lieu of meeting at Waverley Library.

Digital Publishing Seminar Double Bay Library 19 June 2016

We were welcomed by book publisher Roz Hopkins and book designer Natalie Winter, who run self-publishing planning and book creation retreats in Byron Bay. They gave a history of the evolution of digital publishing, a brief introduction to formats (from PDF through eBooks to apps), an overview of the key channels to market, and an introduction to the idea that digital publishing has grown alongside digital marketing and how the two intersect. We then explored how digital publishing suits certain types of books and genres better than others. (Ref Digireado)

Abigail Nathan spoke of the role of editing in digital publishing. There was a discussion on the different types of editing – manuscript assessment, structural editing, copyediting and proofreading. Information was provided on how to find an editor and whether they are the right one for you. Also what you can expect to pay for editorial services.

Anna Maquire explored the nuts and bolts of creating an eBook. With regard to file formats we learned the difference between ePub and mobi, and how to create book files in each format.

We explored the key channels for uploading an eBook, being Amazon, Apple, Smashwords, Kobo and others. This discussion included selecting pricing and royalty rates, and deciding on rights and territories in which to sell your book.



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