November Meeting: A Speaker

Waverley Writers of FOWL Monthly Report

Speaker Event, November 15, 2015

We had an attendance of 19, including the speaker: 10 members, and 9 visitors. Waverley Writers was grateful for the use of the Theatrette to accommodate extra visitors.

Speculative Fiction writer, Patricia Bernard, writes mainly for children and young adults. She spoke for ninety minutes on her travels throughout 117 countries, the catalyst and inspiration for many of her books. Her talk was full of humour, lots of funny stories along the way of her journeys. Her books often contain interesting content, especially for young readers.

She began writing in her thirties, first with two friends, producing “The Riddle of the Trumpalar” (1980), still taught in schools and made into a play.

“The Mask” was set in Venice, and “Claw of the Dragon” is an Australian story set in Broome.

Her Indian Journey travel book, “With the Kama Sutra under my Arm”, was written in 2008, and she had the whole room in stitches when talking about it.

Patricia’s favourite book so far is her fantasy novel “Legend of the Three Moons” for children aged 8 and over.

Patricia’s advice to writers is to stick to one genre and to begin each story with a hook that gets the reader in.

Her future goal is to write a Romance novel.

The meeting concluded with afternoon tea provided by Waverley Writers’ Committee, while Patricia sold and signed her books to attendees.

A huge thank you to Dina Davis for liaising with the FOWL committee, and with Patricia.

Anne Skyvington
Waverley Writers of FOWL

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