Book Launch: Capriccio: A Novel


I am still recovering from the excitement of my author event at Waverley Library, Sydney, a few weeks ago. It took the form of a Q&A with the wonderful Susannah Fullerton , guru of all things literary. Capriccio: a Novel was originally launched in Darwin, soon after its publication in September 2018. It was time for my Sydney family and friends to be introduced to my début novel.


Such a crowd turned up, beyond my wildest expectations. We had a full house, and a highly responsive audience who asked challenging questions. It was heartening to know that there was so much interest in the background to my book, and my writing process (see my next post for more on this).
A gentleman standing in the back row, a complete stranger, said he’d taken Capriccio away with him on holidays, and was so consumed by the story that he couldn’t put the book down. Music to an author’s ears!

Questions from both Susannah and the audience, ranged from ‘what made you write this book?’ to ‘how did you choose the title, Capriccio?’, and ‘what is its meaning?’ Others were about the research I undertook in the British Library where I saw original manuscripts and letters, to my writing routine (as you, my readers, know, I’m a definite night owl and write best in the late afternoon or early evening). No five a.m. writing frenzies, à la Plath, for me!

I was grateful for the presence of my Cilento publisher, Evan Shapiro, and consummate editor, Leone Sperling, smiling at me from the front row. It was wonderful to see Patti Miller, Life Writing mentor, and Diane Armstrong, successful author, as well as members of my writing groups Waverley Writers and Randwick Writers Group.

Most endearing was the presence of my family, especially my young granddaughters, especially little Amélie presenting me and Susannah with a floral tribute. Flowers from a Flower!

I now have no excuse for not getting on with my second novel, A Difficult Daughter. But wait! What about the book talks I’ve been asked to do, and promotion, marketing and distribution, all time-consuming tasks necessary to get my book to readers? I guess my new novel will have to wait. Or am I just procrastinating?

With Susannah Fullerton

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