Our July Meeting

Photo i nthe FOWL Deeds Newsletter

Susan and Anne: Meet and Greet FOWL morning tea


Waverley Writers of FOWL held its 6th meeting on Sunday 19th July, 2-4pm, in the Theory Room in Waverley Library. We had 16 attendees at this meeting, our largest number ever. We held a very successful feedback session, with 8 members able to read and receive advice.

Happily, it was a lively and useful session, but it did give rise to the possibility that we may have to split the feedback part of the meetings into poetry and prose groups, in order to accommodate all who wish to receive feedback in the future. We intend to discuss this possibility with our members at our next meeting.

There were 5 new faces on the day, 3 of them having read about us via our fantastic new posters now located in the library (thanks to Acting Manager Jody and the clever graphic artist(s)? of Waverley Library). In Dina Davis’ absence, I handed out the relevant forms to enable these new members to join the library and FOWL.

Anne Skyvington convened the meeting, and all of the participants who read were able to get valuable feedback. It has become apparent to us that our regular focus on talking about what constitutes meaningful and appropriate commentary, is working, because most of the feedback has been respectful and apt.

Anne and I were pleasantly surprised to see our images on the front page of the latest FOWL DEEDS, thanks to editor Lorna. We had been snapped when we attended the FOWL Meet and Greet morning tea in May. We were there to represent Waverley Writers of FOWL, and as such, enjoyed networking with other FOWL members.

We are looking forward to our next meeting, which will be on Sunday 16th August, 2015. Again, it will be a feedback session.


Susan Beinart (Liaison, Waverley Writers of FOWL)

Guidelines that were discussed in the group before feedback session:

1) For Giving Feedback: Take into account the basic issues of narrative structure, characterisation, evocative and atmospheric language, vivid settings, scenes creation, believable dialogue: relevant to all types of writing.

2) For Receiving Feedback: Try to separate yourself from the work as much as possible.

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