September 2018 WWF Report

WAVERLEY WRITERS OF FOWL REPORT to FOWL (Friends of Waverley Library) COMMITTEE, September 2018

Waverley Writers of FOWL held its 39th meeting on the 3rd Sunday of September from 2-4 pm in the Theory Room in Waverley Library. There were 11 people present at the meeting, which Anne Skyvington convened.

8 attendees were Waverley Writers and 3 were from Eastern Suburbs Poets. It was the first time these two groups combined for a meeting, and hopefully not the last. There was a warm atmosphere in the room and the meeting, mostly a practice session for the forthcoming FOWL Meet and Greet, a great success.

Although this was a practice session, we were also able to accommodate other feedback. A Waverley Writer who will not be present at the Meet and Greet read an excerpt from his novel-in-progress, while another read a memoir piece.

Among the group who practised their pieces for the Meet and Greet, 6 of us read poems and 3 of us prose excerpts. In addition, some of us read pieces of poetry and prose for those who couldn’t attend the session, in order to ascertain whether they too were suitable e.g. that they fitted into the time limit of approximately 4 minutes for each person. Useful feedback ensued from the practice session, including bits of advice about how to introduce each piece of poetry and prose.

The FOWL Meet and Greet, which will celebrate FOWL’s 25th anniversary, will run for two hours, from 10am-12pm, with one hour consisting of our literary presentation, and the second devoted to mingling with our audience over tea. All are welcome, including non-members of FOWL. Tuesday 2nd October.

Waverley Writers is also proud to acknowledge that both Anne Skyvington and Cleo Lynch have had pieces published in the spring edition of FOWL Deeds. Well done, both of you!

The next meeting of Waverley Writers, which will be a normal feedback session, will take place on Sunday the 21st of October 2018, from 2-4pm in the Theory Room in Waverley Library. We are looking forward to seeing you at the library then.


Susan Beinart (Liaison), Waverley Writers of FOWL




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