Celestial Bodies


Short Fiction by Kay Dunne: First published in Bondi Newsletter in June 2012

Found on a street corner i nRome

There is a moon in your ceiling. It must have wandered in while I was sleeping. You are working more of your magic I think, as you cradle me in your sleep, your warm leg snug over my hip, your penis quiet against my bottom. The scent of you, of me, of us, still waltzes in the air and your gentle, sometimes snore is my lullaby. You welded together my flesh and my spirit. You made me one, then made us one. Later, in the silent near dawn you rouse, you murmur. I ask about the moon in your ceiling. A round skylight, you say. It’s beautiful, I say. It’s a dark room, you say. I turn and see your eyes are still closed. You think you are an ordinary man, a practical person. You don’t know you are enchanted. You don’t know you have the power to create celestial bodies in your room.

© Kay Dunne


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