November 2016 Meeting



Waverley Writers of FOWL held its 20th meeting on the third Sunday of November from 2-4 pm in the Theory Room in Waverley Library. There were 7 attendees at this 9th meeting for 2016, which Anne Skyvington convened.


Last month (October), we took the unusual step of cancelling our meeting because most of us were planning to be away.


This time, six out of our seven participants read their own work and gave feedback to others. We read segments or chapters from our works-in-progress. Once again, memoir and novels were the genres presented. One member discussed with us if and how she would edit a memoir written by another party. It was a most interesting discussion, and, as she was keen to do so, the group was unanimous in encouraging her to proceed.


During the meeting, we also discussed the sandwich method of delivering feedback (first praise, then criticism, then praise again). This is always a worthwhile subject for discussion.


We also talked about our next meeting, which will take place on Sunday the 18th of December, our last meeting for the year. We decided to do what we did last Christmas ie bring a Christmassy, humorous or holiday-friendly piece of writing to read, of up to a thousand words per person, with no feedback expected. We will also bring a plate of food or a drink such as water or a fruit juice to share.


So our next meeting will take place on Sunday the 18th of December, 2016, from 2-4pm in the Theory Room in Waverley Library.


Hope to see you all there!



Susan Beinart (Liaison, Waverley Writers of FOWL)


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