March 2016


20th MARCH, 2016


Waverley Writers of FOWL held its 13th meeting on the third Sunday of March, from 2-4 pm in the Theory Room in Waverley Library. There were 8 attendees at this second meeting for 2016, which Anne convened.


During this feedback session seven of us read a piece of prose and received constructive feedback. One member was new, and did not wish to read this time, but enjoyed participating. Five stories were fictional and one was memoir-based.


Susan reminded the group to re-join FOWL, and forms were handed out for doing this.


We also had an interesting discussion about the importance of reading widely in order to improve our own writing, and to be able to provide helpful feedback to others. The goal of being able to accept positive and critical feedback, ideally through seeing one’s writing as a product once it is “out there”, was also discussed.


Some of us continued chatting over a cup of coffee afterwards.


Our next meeting will be on Sunday the 17th of April, in the Theory Room at Waverley library, from 2-4pm.



Susan Beinart (Liaison, Waverley Writers of FOWL)



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