May Meeting


20th May, 2016

Waverley Writers of FOWL held its 15th meeting on the third Sunday of May, from 2-4 pm in the Theory Room in Waverley Library. There were 6 attendees at this fourth meeting for 2016, which Anne Skyvington convened. We had quite a few apologies from those who couldn’t come.

Again, Susan reminded the group to re-join FOWL. She also handed out some information about the FOWL Meet and Greet. At least 3 members, possibly four, have said they will attend that meeting on Tuesday 24th May.

In addition, we were pleased to hear that our convenor, Anne, will have a review published in the next FOWL DEEDS. It is always good when one of us achieves publication.

Before our feedback session, we discussed Showing and Telling and how much of each to include in our writing. We expressed differing views and had quite a robust conversation. There is always more to say and learn about this particular subject.

During the feedback session all six of us read a piece of prose and received constructive feedback. There was a good mixture of fiction and memoir for us to critique. No one presented poetry to us, which is a growing trend. We are becoming a mainly prose group, it seems. However, that could change in the future.

Because Susan will be unable to attend the June meeting, there will be no report written, unless someone from the group volunteers to do it. If so, please contact Susan by Sunday evening, as she will be leaving for (perhaps) warmer climes on Monday.

The next meeting will be on Sunday the 19th of June, in the Theory Room at Waverley library, from 2-4pm.


Susan Beinart (Liaison, Waverley Writers of FOWL)





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