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The way of the universe


The Nakaba

Each day, each month, each minute, each year.

Palestine  continues to live

In confined spaces

Camps in Trans-jourdan. Beirut.

Dying starving, living in squalor

They do not speak. They are silenced

They are killed. Voices are silent

Hearing aids silenced of the images of death.

2022 Ukraine

Wednesday morning,

We hear about Putin, his lovers, his illness, his hiding places.

In the Ukraine we hear of men lying in trenches

Dead. Just like Serbia, Sarajevo

Hearing aids silenced.

2022 Palestine

Journalist mike’s up, put their battle shields on.

Jenin under siege, in Palestine.

We do not fight; we do not speak. We do not challenge.

No one says anything. No one speaks.

Hearing aids silenced to the rape starvations. Deaths.

Children as martyrs. The west laughs. As they switch off their hearing aids.

Of invaders.

Who was she that her body is attacked?

Her body had a journalist shield on it

Still, she was bombed, gunned down, attacked

There is too much silence here

Too much of not saying boo


As the Bedouins roamed, for two thousand years.

Hearing aids turned off as their bodies lay splattered at the doorways to their homes

From city to city and village to Pillage

They lived in the ancestors’

Beautiful gentle people, harmless to the universe

Easy to be killed, tortured, denied human rights.

As the hearing aids turned off


A war arose, they took Transjordan the Golan heights

Human rights say to return.

Oh, its anti-semitic

Adopted by the Europeans in the 1800s

Time takes a cigarette

Puffs on the tobacco

When nothing else matters

It speaks. Turned hearing aids on in a victory of blood and lifeless bones


Civil war in Lebanon out of smouldering Images.

Who was fighting, was it against love,

Religion or western intolerances

As the voices argued

Who is right? or justification as the bullies often do?

Murdered in cold blood

Labouring images night after night

Who turned the hearing aids off?


What is normal.

That we can kill journalists and our leaders are silent

That cholera in Yemen is the worst it’s ever been we sleep on by

Aborigines die in custody we turn a blind eye

Our earth is dying and politicians turn off their hearing aides


Can we arise, out of ashes

Out of battles, torture rape and pillage

To see the sunrise. The harm the hurt

The intolerance brought on by letting truth go through to the keepers

Wars kill, turn on the hearing aides

Listen to the

Rising sun as the sun sets in the west.

Ann Jarjoura